Music Box

Location Vienna
Year 2016-2021
Functions Mixed-use
Status Built
GIA 8000m2
PS 1-4, 6, 7

The Music Box, located nearby Vienna Main Train Station, is going to provide spaces for living, working and chilling! Vienna, being one of Europe's cultural centres, is offering a widespread network of spaces for the needs of the creatives-especially for those in the field of music.

Our winning entry for the competition „Leben am Helmut-Zilk-Park“ is being developed into the interesting and manifold project “Music Box am Arsenalsteg”.
The interplay of different components and actors will generate a vivid hotspot of creativity as well as stimulating and identity–forming impulses for the entire quarter “Sonnwendviertel“.


Architecture results in a wide range scope of action.


Heterogeneous use

Based on the exceptional location in the center of the new quarter, the Music Box takes up the potential of the place itself. The consumption-free zone at the ground floor level is offering the inhabitants and visitors perfect areas for learning, interaction, participation and communication.

The oversized spacious integrated open areas offer a variety of attractive possibilities for the use of the cityscape.

The surrounding spaces and green areas, the open air restaurants and consumption-free zones, the open air theaters, cinema and concerts with potential for participation create a fluent transition to the public space.

Open space concept

ÖSW – Österreichisches Siedlungwerk

Stilyana Manolova 
Ulysse Zehnle
Krystina Sevcikova
David Florez
Rumena Trendafilova
Klaus Molterer
Loris Luigi Perillo
Petros Roumanas

paul ott photografiert

Nevena Marjanovic
David Florez
Rumena Trendafilova
Stilyana Manolova
Krystina Sevcikova 
Ulysse Zehnle

Carla Lo

art:phalanx Agency for Culture and Urbanity

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