Gürtelbögen Village in the Third district

Location Vienna
Year 2020-2021
Functions Mixed-use/Public
Status Invited competition
GIA 16000m2
PS -

Along Landstrasser Gürtel, part of the main development road in Vienna, a flexible, 300-meter-long, mixed office and business zone is going to be built.

Exterior recurring “arcs “create a bracket not only for the building itself but also in regard of the urban development measures. The function of these arcs is to highlight the supply and development areas of the building.

Relation to the city

The building should offer orientation at the interface between Landstrasser Gürtel and the new village in the third district for pedestrians as well as for bicycle traffic. Additionally, it should create a communication axis for motorized traffic along the Gürtel.


An interior serial construction system (element construction/CREE system) allows a high flexibility of appropriation of spaces and functional mix.



The development inside the core areas and the transition to the adjoining spaces is arranged in a way to create open movement zones, starting from there, further areas of the building can be developed.

Construction and material

The construction is conceived as a prefabricated element construction in combination with a CREE ceiling element as wood-hybrid composite panel.


The linearity of the arcs should be made tangible for human standard.


ARE Austrian Real Estate GmbH


David Florez
Krystina Sevcikova 
Rumena Trendafilova