Viennese courtyardlandscape

Location Vienna
Year 2014-2017
Functions Urban garden
Status Built
GIA ~500m2
PS 1-8

We created for the “Wiener Essig Brauerei” (Gegenbauer vinegar brewery) an amplification of an already existing production-and living space in Vienna. A terraced landscape that includes different uses, lounge areas and meeting points for the visitors was realised.

It was a priority to convey the atmosphere of the already existing production facility, and simultaneously to visualize social and sustainable aspects of a corporate concept.


Vinegar barrels exposed on the roofs, beer fermentation in special wooden barrels, poultry raising, rainwater collection points, herb cultivation, honey production, different types of fruits and vegetables, but also simple lounge areas on different levels in the yard thus became a conglomerate of production, ripening times as moments of peace and quiet, conscious consumption and experience.


The object was to further concretise the already initiated process and the comprehension of a self-sufficient working social circuit by means of constructional interventions and if required add new elements or remove others. Architecture can take up developments and support them.


In the form of enlargement areas of the existing buildings, these levels create a spatial and sensual added value.


Erwin Gegenbauer

Hans Schubert