Viennese guest room

Location Vienna
Year 2014-2015
Functions Guest rooms
Status Built
GIA ~500m2
PS 1-8

We designed the VIENNESE GUEST ROOM for the Gegenbauer Vinegar Brewery in Vienna. Guest rooms were created in 5 small apartments in a Viennese apartment building, with the bare minimum of intervention. The main and practically the sole piece of furniture is the so-called VIENNESE GUEST BED.

Construction squared timber

Piled up squared timbers create a central sleeping area, the surrounding areas can also be used. It combines all the functions of a guest room, any further furniture is redundant, the centre is the room…reduced to its minimum.

The room is really only its own frame and boundaries …we do not really need these anymore.


The functions of a room are combined in a bed as a central element.



Bricks, ceilings, floors are uncovered and make the history of the house visible. New installations like cabling, pipes, chains or ropes are nothing more than what they are.

Technological seductions give way to visible construction details – a kind of NEGATIVE DESIGN.

Designing the negative

As far as the bathroom is concerned, the stages of a stay are reflected in the sequence of the elements that are there–hygiene for nomads.

We move about on the spatial field available. Any possible fittings and functions within this are rather temporary markings.

Erwin Gegenbauer

Hans Schubert

Wolfgang Novotny

Minna Liebhart