Vienna Museum of Science and Technology

Location Vienna
Year 2015
Functions Exhibition
Status Built
GIA ~1000m2
PS 1-7

The areas “Everyday life” and “Exhibition Energy” in the “Vienna Museum of Science and Technology” are redesigned on occasion of the exposition “The future of the city”. 

For the exposition, we realized beam-like showcases made of steel, that are positioned in a dependent, but seemingly free arrangement.


With the aim of experiencing different dimensions and scales, like airplanes, cable cars and locomotives inside a building, we suggest beam-like showcases made of steel. Thereby the exhibition room is in its entirety organised and possible ways, topics and fields of activity are offered. 

The visitor is situated in a fragmentary puzzle of elements-on the one hand spatial-inside the beams-on the other hand in a textual dependence to the objects.


We think of the beams as available “containers” that can be filled consequently with different contents but also functions.

For example: showcases, furniture, screens, listening stations, room dividers, light fitting or technical areas. Different tasks are coped with, at the same time a uniform appearance is created.


Deliberately we create a certain archaic base from which we can look forward into the future, the future of the city… the future of everyday life.


TMW – Vienna Museum of Science and Technology

paul ott photografiert 

Rumena Trendafilova

Bruckschwaiger GmbH