Spatial balance

Location Vienna
Year 2008
Functions Interior
Status Competition 1. Prize
GIA -m2
PS -

We saw the corridor dedicated to linking following rooms, as a spatial beam in reference to the balance of Justizia.

Our principal idea is a material space, initially released from its real boundaries and put into a mental concept. The space-in this case the corridor-and its perception can be understood as consisting of elements.

Elements we are able to see and other elements we cannot see, but comprehend and which give us an idea of a certain place. The final result consists of the balance of these material and mental elements.


For this thought process, we work with the metaphor of the scale, which contains the aura of a possible balance. For us, this scale embodies an opportunity to unbalance the room for the time being, while as simultaneously has the goal of ultimately moving back towards a balanced unity.

We understand the scales as a spatial element that can leave its own mental trace into the room, in order to restore the balance after weighing up various possibilities.

In this way, the space disappears from the reality plane for the time being, before we uncover its mental trace in reality again.

Ministry of Justice, Austria

Klaus Molterer