Silicon Austria Labs

Location Graz
Year 2018
Functions Universität
Status Competition
GIA 35000m2
PS -

For the university building “SAL Silicon Austria Labs” of TU Graz/Infeldgründe we created a building structure that shows a functional sequence of a possible arrangement due to its flexibility.

The clear and structured construction is defined by the ability to position the different rooms flexibly. In this sense we show a layout sequence of a possible arrangement.


The building consists of 2 core areas, externally aligned office units, a central airspace with single conference-, meeting-, and social zones with significant communication and view axis inside the buildings and spacious, free areas integrated in the cubage.


An intriguing interplay between a compact climate shell and haptic free spaces is created-for the surrounding area and the building itself.


Urban development

In urban development, construction is geared to the neighboring buildings. The passageways of the landscape are picked up and completed to create a homogenous Campus.

The whole development along the lot is connected constructively in the upper floors. These areas can be conceived as possibly expandable office rooms or connecting passages, walkways or exterior rest areas.


Zoom VP

David Florez 
Rumena Trendafilova 
Damla Soyseven
Josef Tischler

Bollinger-Grohmann, Wien