Salzwelten Hallein

Location Hallein
Year 2019
Functions Exhibition design
Status Competition 2. Place
GIA ~4000m2
PS -

The Salzwelten Hallein is to be subjected to a comprehensive redesign using a combination of structural and media interventions.
Like the salt was mined at the mountain mine and from there brought to countries far and wide, so the new visitor centre atop the mountain presents the visitors with a scenic view of the surrounding Salzacher Valley.


The goal of our approach was to achieve – through careful thematic and topical guidance of the visitors – a spatial, temporal and historical concept that combines a multitude of layered worlds: Antiquity and modernity, deep and strip mining, rural and urban spaces coalesce in the salt mines.


The materiality of architecture and the engineering of materiality thus combine different epochs, styles and worlds – the salt and stone themselves are the carriers of it.


Salzwelten GmbH

Werkraum Ingenieure
KWI Engineers GmbH

David Florez
Rumena Trendafilova
Francesca Guadagno
Özge Taspinar
Tynn Chao
Josef Wurzer

Zone Media GmbH

Büro Bauer