Terraced house

Location Private
Year 2017
Functions Housing
Status Concept
GIA ~700m2
PS 1-3

Under the motto “the similarity of the same” 4 terraced houses have been developed, they are similar in their appearance but still different. Like a small village the new structures are positioned together with an already existing Art Nouveau building around a central square.

The Art Nouveau building shall be adapted in order to create a maximum of living space and together with a new terraced housing development an ensemble of old and new.

Existing qualities like a courtyard, conscious references to the yard to open or close are picked up, continued and addressed. As a result, different values of recreation space are created.

Scaffolding at the front serve as possible temporary extension areas in the exterior space and mark the option of a positioning. 


The equality of the existing and the new show in the proportional space in between.



David Florez
Adéla Vepřková