Point in time

Location Vienna
Year 2004
Functions Exhibition contribution
Status Completed
GIA 60m2
PS -

For the exhibition “No man's land" in the “Künstlerhaus Wien” our concept was something like a possibility of the smallest moment, related to a place and time of what is possible or not possible.

No man's land to us is no place, more it is a condition that differentiates spatially during change and gets a new formation – maybe loud – maybe quiet and for a short time unchanging freedom - No man's land. Spatially seen, it is the moment formation in a moment of simultaneous deformation.

In that way we understand the automobile – as an ambiguous condition of movement and standstill at the same time. The Car stands for transportation of the place, as man transports history. The finished deformation shows the history of an incomprehensible condition between movement and standstill.

The car transports the place, just as a human transports history.


No man's land is something like a dream that holds onto us… but we are constantly on the point of moving. 


Henny Liebhart-Ulm
Katharina Pabisch
Anna Soucek

Andreas Buchberger

Sabine Bitter/Helmut Weber
Ricarda Denzer
Heidulf Gerngross
Mona Hahn
Barbara Holub
Karl C. Kaltenbacher
Leopold Kessler
Michael Kienzer
Klub Zwei
Hanns Kunitzberger
Sigrid Kurz
Lucas + Lukas
David Moises
Pode Bal
Tomas Redl
Werner Reiterer
Peter Sandbichler
Jochen Traar
Markus Wilfling