Pleated dress

Location Austria
Year 2012
Functions House
Status Built
GIA -m2
PS 1-8

The “pleated dress” is a façade design, which was the result of the renovation of a single-family house. The façade design, that is positioned in front of the building, includes a grid system lying behind. The bent perforated plates can be shifted individually on a perimeter frame as required.


By means of the grid system lying behind it's possible to access the space of the building lying on the outside of the façade if necessary. The existing French windows suggested this approach.
With the façade closed we have a regular ornament, with the façade moved, matching ornamental pieces are created.

Due to the slight kinks in the perforated plates, it was possible to reduce the plate thickness and also increase the rigidity of the plate itself.


The primary goal was to offer various possibilities of shading to the building and its users, since the façade consists of a glass surface that spreads over 2 floors.



paul ott photografiert

Metallbau Fischer; Klagenfurt