Location Vienna
Year 2023
Functions Housing
Status Competition
GIA 32200m2
PS -

Four simple volumes are arranged on four-storey podium" floes" with mixed uses, which emphasize the diversity and heterogeneity of the urban situation and form a characteristic and varied spatial structure at the beginning of a lively district.

Embedded into the urban space

Streets, subway exits and arcades are incorporated and form a network of paths. Intensive planting, communication and movement axes create a decelerated quality of stay around the centrally located entrance areas and access to the common areas within the floes.

Green space

In terms of urban planning, the so-called “floes” form a common podium zone around an "inner" communicative, green courtyard - the "green canyon".  A roof garden with a playground for children and young people, which is covered by a spacious pergola, is located on the northern 4-storey floe. The middle caesura floors have spacious green terraces, while the communal terrace on the 14th floor offers all residents an exceptional view of the lake.

Smart energy concept

Differently arranged PV modules shape the façade surfaces and can vary in terms of quantity depending on requirements, orientation and the state of the art. In terms of energy generation, the apartments are grouped together in "islands" (energy islands) and equipped with separate storage batteries distributed throughout the storeys - creating awareness of the energy balance.

Wind comfort

The surrounding balconies break the downslope winds, whilst generous tree planting enhances the quality of the ground floor zone. Movable and rotatable wind protection and shading elements are located in front of the individual balconies and, together with plant troughs, provide qualitative comfort and ventilation.


„Green Canyon“


The outdoor space becomes an urban living room and a shaded avenue in the "Green Canyon" during the hot summer months. Connecting bridges and walkways create a communicative open space that links the podium zones with each other.


Terraces with a lake view

The connecting walkways turn the roof terrace into an urban terrace with a lake view for all residents. Numerous seating niches, picnic areas, climbing and gym equipment, as well as trampolines, swings and sandpits offer a wide range of play options, especially for the young residents.


Generously glazed 2 to 3-storey lobbies welcome residents and visitors.

Balcony relief

Balconies with wind protection and shading elements ensure a high quality space and offer a high level of ventilation comfort.


David Flores
Behiye Sezin Genc
Rumena Trendafilova


Patricia Bagienski