Office SFK

Location Kircham/ Upper Austria
Year 2017-2022
Functions Office
Status Completion 2022
GIA ~2000m2
PS 1-7

The new office building for the firm SFK Technologie Manufaktur in Upper Austria is being developed since October 2017.
Key building elements like the facade, interior are being produced within the family business.

One of the fundamental challenges was to arrange overlapping operating sequences and motion sequences around a central access so that customers, visitors, workers, technicians, management and a day nursery can interact in an equilibrated interplay. 
The space is the field of possibilities made available.

SFK Technologie Manufaktur

Ulysse Zehnlé
Petros Roumanas
Vanja Askrabic
Rumena Trendafilova
David Florez
Damla Soyseven