Noble Shop

Location Vienna
Year 2018-2019
Functions Stall
Status Built
GIA ~40m2
PS 1-8

We designed the NOBLE SHOP  for the Gegenbauer Vinegar Brewery on the Vienna Naschmarkt. New usage possibilities are introduced in the available space through the usage of spacious wooden racks.

In 2017 we designed the NOBLE SOUR STORE for the production facility of the Gegenbauer Vinegar Brewery in the 10th district of Vienna. The NOBLE SHOP can be understood as a conceptual expansion of the NOBLE SOUR STORE,

Wooden shelf

Fold, push or pull, -the analog material expansion is an integral part of a spacious and functional added value…rooted in a coordinate system.


The framework in this context is seen as a symbiosis of space and possibility- we fill the possibility with contents.


Erwin Gegenbauer

Hans Schubert

Vincent Wörndl 
David Florez
Damla Soyseven