Location Klagenfurt
Year 2008
Functions Outdoor area
Status Built
GIA ~1090m2
PS 1-8

Geometrically designed paths which lead across the garden, were taken up and intensified beyond their function as paths-meant as linear surfaces of spatial opportunities–by loosening, intensifying and creating space, disappearing into the ground or striving for the sky.

The „Hausplatz“ contains structural interventions in an existing garden of a single family house in Klagenfurt – Viktring (Carinthia/Austria). These interventions are always co-ordinated in a way creating space and function in service of the user.

Due to the already existing situation of an open and wide garden, we try to preserve the landscaped character by subordinating constructural interventions to it in our draft.

Space for leisure

Creating space for leisure activities around the pool, in shape of a sit-down area or lie-down area as well as a table, a roof, or in order to simply suggest a protected area-blinds that on the one hand protect privacy, on the other hand fulfill an artistic purpose, giving way to a large spectrum of possibilities, moving and coming to a stop in different positions, as the garden itself represents a  space of unlimited opportunities.

Around the pool six longitudinal areas neighbour one another and assume different functions according to the current requirements.


We take up the existing elementary paths to provide them with a new spatial dynamic, following different functions and tasks. 


Stripes as…

A fragmentary stripe leads as a ramp to the lawn. We describe it as a stripe with a transforming character -coming from and leading back to the garden.

Each single band of the blinds is part of a system of paths leading to and across the garden.


paul ott photografiert

Metallbau Fischer; Klagenfurt