Energy land tower

Location Vienna
Year 2016
Functions Skyscraper
Status Concept
GIA -m2
PS -

Around a tube-like concrete core as updraft shaft of the so called energy-land-tower develops a 1000 meter high habitable landscape. We move away from the concept of the house- as well as the classical high-rise, as we are used to understanding it ... as a self-contained object.


We don’t stack storey over storey for a building, instead we arrange the ground and the land in the space, thereafter we integrate the buildings, sort of “High-rise-land”.


In a solar updraft tower the air is warmed by the sun by means of a horizontal floor convector and rises due to the natural thermic convection in a “chimney”. Several turbines create electrical energy by means of this airflow.

Around the inner structure mobile climate shields are arranged. They can form into shells or cover individually , if necessary ,single parts. The structure forms the space and in the same time spreads out the climate shields.

Equipped with solar cells, the climate shields are able to move according to  the light and if necessary provide shade or keep away wind flows. Excess rainwater is saved and used for irrigation. When required it’s possible to create proper rain, mist or climatic micro areas. 

The ENERGY LAND TOWER is a compressed habitat, concerning the vertical as well as the horizontal - that’s specific about it. It includes not only the height but also the material range. That’s what’s often missing in the competition for the highest house.

Hans Schubert/

Hans Schubert

Kristyna Sevcikova 
Rana Mhalla