Location Vienna
Year 2015
Functions Courtyard design
Status Built
GIA -m2
PS 1-7

An artificial landscape broken up into fragments for a courtyard of a Viennese "Gründerzeit" building - private. Some spaces are not made for being filled with nature. There is a small amount of light, the air is bad, the room by itself is narrow and uncomfortable.  Like in the case of this Viennese building, dating back to the late nineteenth century - a very small and narrow courtyard served as ventilation for two vertically arranged  wet areas. The quality is only functional, there is no added value.

Mentally realities  of nature, like plants, light or water are introduced into the courtyard by using fragmented pieces of artificial lawn,  subsequently they disintegrate like falling leaves. Like a dress turned inwards, the outer space on the inside becomes an inner space on the outside, coloured and soft.


The perception is central...the function is casual...architecture is experience.



Hans Schubert

Klaus Molterer