Architecture while sleeping

Location Mödling, Lower Austria
Year 2015
Functions Exhibition
Status Built
GIA -m2
PS -

On 7th of March 2015 the exposition ARCHITECTURE WHILE SLEEPING was inaugurated by our team.  The exhibition was made by, as well as providing information about us in the Kunstraumarcade/Mödling. A central element of the exposition, or installation, is the “sleeping place”- the bedroom.


The “place to sleep” as working place, communication center or inspiration laboratory stands in a certain way for an ambiguous metaphor for ordered localizations, but also as a kind of launching pad of unconscious dream worlds that are escaping reality.


In numerous actual treatises, the bedroom has returned to the focus of interest, and has come out of the private sphere - that hasn’t been always so. The bedroom is allowed more….it can be a social statement again.

The installation “ARCHITECTURE WHILE SLEEPING” discusses by the usage of straw, the original element of a sleeping place. The structuring and assuming principle in light of the mediums disappearance.

For ages, discussions about architecture have been accompanied by an on the one hand objectively verifiable approach, systematization in the form of paradigm, and on the other hand anthropological advances or artistic manifestations…architecture as a product that oscillates in between. 

Using models, drafts and sketchbooks that surround the installation, the visitor can get insight in the sometimes very personal phase of the conception of projects and ideas. 
Parallel to the exposition the book ZEIT PUNKT RAUM is going to be published.

Hans Schubert

9. April 2015, 19 Uhr

7.März, 2015, 18 Uhr

11.April, 2015

Fr 15-18, Sa 10-15