Am Hirschfeld

Location Vienna
Year 2019
Functions Mixed-use/Housing
Status Invited Competition
GIA ~40000m2
PS -

“Living at the Hirschfeld “is a concept for an urban housing development, which responds actively to the surrounding varying circumstances in urban transition zones. It picks these topics up, enhances them or creates a deliberate opposite.

City, urban life means to create a certain material density while being part of a habitable landscape-although it’s obviously an artificial one. The architecture, the habitable space serves as extension of the individual freedom.


Terrace-like plants open the street space, let light into the residential area and create communicative neighborhoods.


Building structure

The single buildings are generally similar to a patio with a long arched, covered passageway and are conceived as covered outdoor areas. In this way, important community communication access points are developed across different floors. The openings of the buildings towards each other create smooth transitions into half public areas-a yard with different usage.

ARE Austrian Real Estate GmbH


Rumena Trendafilova 
Francesca Guadagno 
Damla Soyseven
Constantin Kaffenberger