Advent Window

Location Burgenland
Year 2018
Functions Art installation
Status Built
GIA -m2
PS -

We live in a time when suddenly saving a life, helping those in need are questionable actions. The lifebelt stands for help, it stands for rescuing those in need, it stands for salvation from death. Helping can’t be criminalised- we shouldn’t even think about it.

We live in a time when conditions we took for granted for years suddenly lose their certainty. The climate is in disbalance. While some are destroying food supplies in order to maintain their economic system, others are left only with the thought of survival. Sociopolitical agreements which guaranteed us peace for decades are undermined and openly questioned.

The lifebelt takes its rightful place in the Advent window.


We can and must discuss the causes, but regarding help itself, there is nothing to discuss.


paul ott photografiert