About a table

Location Burgenland
Year 2014
Functions Furniture
Status Built
GIA 2m2
PS 1-3

A boardroom table for the facade design enterprise FOB.
Shaped tubes are arranged into the space, to serve in the end the surface, the surface of action. 


The table is per se an empty surface, an open plateau, a vast emptiness of possibilities, as long as it’s not used.


In the other case it’s used for eating, producing handcraft, especially in the past, discussing matters, sitting together, negotiating… sometimes winning, sometimes loosing... we can retreat and reflect by its side, art is produced on it, great thoughts are developed, at the same time wars are started and ended-often decisions are made.

The worst table is the table that is only here for itself. The worst table is the table that doesn’t evoke development, like a car that doesn’t drive. The table is the surface of action, it shows with its form of existence and its appearance the purpose it can be used for, what can happen on it, or maybe what it’s waiting for. The most beautiful table is an empty table, because it offers every possibility, or maybe holds a story… but the best table is the used table...for it’s the only table that makes sense- a table is architecture as well.

FOB - face of buildings

paul ott photografiert