20 years of Schirn

Location Frankfurt
Year 2006
Functions Exhibition
Status Project study
GIA -m2
PS -

We think about 20 years of Art Hall Schirn - in people’s heads, in the books, in pictures. A virtuality, which is part of the history of this building.

Each exhibition, each year, each event creates a certain image in front of our eyes. We, that is the visitors, “take” this project and “put” it in front of the house. As it is not material in itself, it’s more a projection metaphorically speaking, and as such depicted as malleable in the first place. We show fragments of possible events and eventually created contexts, or just pictures. The levels lean on the cubage of the Art hall Schirn, full of stories, inspired by “20 years of Schirn”.

We start from an intended archival room, carry or project it in our thoughts for a short time into a public room. Not really, because that wouldn’t be possible, but distorted, that’s also because a picture of a story is always distorted forever. It depends only on how we receive it-in the same way we hold onto it for a short time in a conceived spatial choreography. 

It’s the possibility of our own intended space, in which the projections of events gather. In a certain way, we find ourselves in an urban cultural space, that talks for a short time about itself.

Kunsthalle Schirn