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Location Vienna
Year 2002
Functions Art project
Status Completed
GIA -m2
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Information is a distorted image of reality.  The first event is the imprint as a kind of surface. The imprint is processed. That's how the spatial event arises – the space is casualness.


As a central cultural place of communication, information and exchange, we categorize the premises of the “Future workshop”/Vienna as a sequence of events that fill the space and thereby give it its meaning.

Project statement

We want an osmotic information process and we want to construct the picture of an osmotic space structure – the model of an osmotic system. In the process of forming ice only pure water crystallizes. The quickly increasing concentration of the substances leads to more extraction of water in the cells. The spatial copy forms the first sequence in the “inbetween”, the beginning of the circular course.

Different states

If there is the same concentration of water at both sides of the aggregate state, nothing changes in this state – regarding static views – although the water molecules are permanently floating in both directions. If there are different concentrations of water, more water molecules will be floating into the direction of lower concentration of water in the same period. The partial difference between the media is not changeable. 

By transforming the aggregate states of the medium, the transition stages can be made visible. This osmotic picture in the spatial copy can be seen as repeating sequence. As soon as the equilibrium of media is reproduced, new forms are developing.