Ort Upper Austria
Jahr 2009
Funktionen Art project
Status Built
BGF -m2
LP -

For the exposition “occupied/ free or the free handling of occupied room” in the AFO             (architecture center Upper Austria) we discussed the transition from public room into the exhibition space with the project “Raumverschlag”. A wooden shed defines in a temporary way the occupation of space-the conclusion of a threshold or a passage. In connection with a building that from a cultural and functional point of view creates a more or less transparent border to its environment, the shed is an obvious separation of possible room extensions. 


A wooden shed, as a designed construction, creates for the duration of the exposition a transition of the public room into the Architekturforum- a perceptible portal.

It is reduced nearly exclusively to a simple surface and pure material-the absolute limit. Maybe public space can be described - as a present review - as a possibility of private portals under certain circumstances.


In this sense, we could say that we live in a space of conditions, and we are thrown into them. 


AFO Architekturzentrum OÖ

Gerhard Brandl (MAERZ) 
Gerhard Neulinger
Christoph Weidinger

Peter Ablinger 
Christoph Aigner 
Jürgen Albrecht 
Wolfgang Bretter 
Sibylle Ettengruber 
Peter Hauenschild 
Wolfram Mehlem 
Lois Renner 
Leo Schatzl
Time`s Up
Michael Weingärtner (AFO)