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    As general topic for the  EXPO 2017 in Astana was chosen „Future Energy“ with the subtopics  „Reducing CO2 Emissions“, „Living Energy Efficiency“ as well as “Energy for all”. The event is meant to raise awareness and is also a signal for people, organisations and nations to work together across borders on the global challanges of the future.

    In our competition entry the decentralised providers as „energy islands“, different forms of production or simply the single person as potential source of energy-key word „Energy Harvesting“- should stand in the centre of energy production.  Finally people should get aware that they are decisively involved in the conservation as well as in consumption of the energy-balance.  – WE ARE ENERGY !


    In a playful manner visitors ought to step on a rocker that moves in loops and try to balance it.

    As basic structure of the “looping” rocker acts a water basin.


    Water is one of the flagship of Austrian energy generation… we generate energy out of water…we save energy using water…water is part of our nature and landscape.


    The moving rocker is surrounded by vertical belts that are directly connected with the tilting motion of the installation. By means of the opposing motion the experimented balance is intensified. Major points are integrated in the medial installation. The created water noises of the installation are recorded and played directly or time delayed in the pavilion.

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    Our aim is that the visitor is subject to an audio-visual overall experience and at the same time is actively part of it

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    Graphic concept/Façade designs

     In the graphic concept, Austria puts the visual focus on its great landscapes always in combination with the people-uniting slogan of the contribution, which is presented in giant letters on the façade. The transversal horizon of the mountain lake panorama transmits the topic energy/balance.


    The USP (unique selling proposition) offers with „We are Energy“ a large scale physical and sensual experience.The visitors gain in a playful manner  a collective and individual experience of the connection between balance and energy, in front of an impressive and vast panoramic landscape.


    Subsequent use:

    After the expo 2017 in Astana the rocker can be taken to Austria and in consequence be used as a touristic attraction at a lakeside.


    Competition 2. Price

    Architectur/Design: heri&salli;

    Team/heri&salli: Klaus Molterer, Rana Mhalla

    Competitionteam: Dominik Guggenberger – Interactiv / Bollinger Grohmann Schneider – Structure planning  / Josef Perndl –Graphic / Zumtobel – Illumination

    Period: Mai 2016