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    In collaboration with a company that builds family homes, art:phalanx-agency for culture and urbanity, landscape architecture Paisagista Liz Zimmermann, Werkraum Ingenieure , a heterogenic project, where living, working and imparting of culture form a fruitful symbiotic relationship, was developed.

    With a special focus on the potential of modular system design, a contemporary prototype was created. The objective is to build in a short construction time and with relatively low cost a high quality living space.


    The permeable podium zone is designed as a forum open to different usage that fulfils in a very central location general functions of the building site and possesses to a great extent a public character. As a central regulator to revive the district, the ground floor is procedurally programmed. It’ s a temporary platform for artists and cultural workers that in the long run can become an established cultural institution as well as a temporary hotspot for IBA_Wien 2022; by means of an innovative exposition area and an outdoor city model the development of “Seestadt”can be experienced in a playful way. Along with the attractive outdoor facilities, the forum creates a functional entity that in transition towards the lakeside promenade invites for a visit, a longer stay and a dialogue.

    On the upper floors, various combinations of prefabricated basic modules of different housing typologies are created. Output modules, extensions, spaces which can be connected if required and terraces offer a variety of possibilities.

    Small entities can be used as mini-labs,  micro-working units or shared infrastructure, they are integrated in the structure in the same way as a big area for activity-based-working on the top floor.




    images: © Zoom VP; sketches / drawings: © heri&salli; Text: © art:phalanx; heri&salli


    client: Familienwohnbau,  architecture: heri&salli, Team architecture: David Florez, Chaido Kaproulia, Rumena Trendafilova Nutzungskonzept: art:phalanx – Agentur für Kultur & Urbanität, landscape architecture: Paisagista Liz Zimmermann, construction planing: Werkraum Ingenieure  competition: März 2018, 1.Preis