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    Worlds of Salt – Times and Tunnels

    The architectural studio heri&salli reached the second round at the competition for a redesign of the Salt Mine Hallein. The visitor centre above (Ober Tag) as well as the salt mine below ground (Unter Tag) were focal points of our entry. We proposed an architectural and media restructuring of the whole complex under the motto: […]

    Der österreichische Pavillon in Venedig spekuliert mit Räumen, Erwartungen und Architektur

    Speculations – 17th International Venice Architecture Biennale / 2nd Round

    The architectural studio heri&salli/Vienna reached the 2nd round of presentations at the 17th international “Venice Architecture Biennale” together with Michael Rieper/MVD Austria and Heidi Pretterhofer/Pretterhofer Arquitectos. As topic of the austrian entry we suggested speculations about future realities Speculations about the future are the framework of our actions – no invention without theory, preceding hypothesis […]

    Der Wohnkörper beinhaltet Appartements verschiedener Nutzungsmöglichkeiten, er sitzt direkt auf dem urbanen Vorplatz am Arsenalsteg auf, der Aufenthaltsort, Veranstaltungsbühne und Grätzl gleichermaßen ist.


    The Music-Box, located nearby Vienna Main Train Station, is going to provide spaces for living, working and chilling! Vienna, being one of Europe‘ s cultural centres, is offering a widespread network of spaces for the needs of the creatives- especially for those in the field of music.
    We are very pleased that we won this competition. 03/17

    Rendering der Wohnsiedlung am Hirschfeld, straßenseitige Bebauung mit Vorgärten und Terrassen

    Am Hirschfeld

    (Deutsch ) Beim Wettbewerb „Am Hirschfeld – Wohnen mit Weitblick“ wurden wir mit einem 3. Preis ausgezeichnet! Es wurde eine Wohnanlage entwickelt, welche aktiv auf die umliegenden heterogenen Gegebenheiten und unterschiedlichen Qualitäten städtischen Lebens eingeht, diese aufgreift, verstärkt oder aber auch bewusste Gegenüber schafft.


    Since October 2017 the project “office building” for the company “SFK Technologie Manufaktur” is developing. 11/17


    We designed the VIENNESE GUEST ROOM for the Gegenbauer the NOBLE SHOP on the Vienna Naschmarkt. The NOBLE SHOP can be understood as conceptual expansion of the NOBLE SOUR STORE, using a spacious wooden rack are introduced in the available space.


    With the contribution „Forum am Seebogen“ the architectural studio heri&salli was able to win the concept competiton for the “Townhouse open to different usages” in Aspern-Seestadt. The building complex will emerge on the 800 m2 building site H7A in the quarter “Am Seebogen” in the new Vienna district “Seestadt”. 04/18

    City of Vienna Prize for Architecture 2018

    On Wednesday, November 21st, 2018, we will be awarded the City of Vienna Prize for Architecture 2018. This award is the highest distinction in the field of architecture in Vienna!


    We designed the VIENNESE GUEST ROOM for the Gegenbauer Vinegar Brewery in Vienna. They created guest rooms in 5 small apartments in a Viennese apartment building, with the bare minimum of intervention. The main and practically the sole piece of furniture is the socalled VIENNESE GUEST BED.


    Integrated meeting points, attached living and relax areas, as well as a gym, a fire pond converted into a swimming pool, common areas outside and a climbing wall in the 3 floor high entrance hall try to embed the task “work” in a living environment -OFFICE OFF!


    Architektur nimmt nicht weg …..Architektur gibt!
    Im ehemaligen „Domus Universitatis“ von 1628, als ein Teil der ersten Universität in Wien, muss ein bestehender Innenhof um eine Fluchtstiege erweitert werden. Einen vorausgegangenen geladenen Wettbewerb konnten wir für uns entscheiden. 07/18

    1000 times architecture

    1000 buildings and 1000 architects-that was the first impression we got when we drove through Strasshof an der Nordbahn in Lower Austria. Each house a planet on its own, each planet has its own rings. Only that these houses, in contrast to the planets that are dependent from each other, don’t have anything to do with each other, though they have at least 2 common property lines. A city has got lots of boundaries, rules and laws, inside as well as outside.. 08/18

    house of hammocks

    The “Flederhaus” a moment of physical tranquility, an open vertically space to hang around and relax.

    Sprechen über Architektur

    Wir freuen uns in diesem Jahr im Rahmen der Vortragsreihe SPRECHEN ÜBER ARCHITEKTUR unsere Konzeptgedanken und Projekte zeigen zu können. Der Vortrag wird am 04.April um 19Uhr bei Bene, Neutorgasse 4-6, 1010 Wien stattfinden. 01/04


    In this case architecture is an accumulation of possibilities in a described space and creates only the edges for a vast land in between.


    heri&salli has been contracted by the Technical Museum Vienna to redesign an accessible room that can be sensually experienced on the issue of heating and air conditioning systems as part of the exposition “ON/OFF-the interactive exposition about the power grid”. 12/17


    For the TMW – Vienna Museum of Technology heri&salli realized beam-like showcases made of steel, that are positioned in a dependent, but seemingly free arrangement. Deliberately we create a certain archaic base from which we can look forward into the future, the future of the city… the future of everyday life.


    We created for the “Wiener Essig Brauerei” (Vienna vinegar brewery) an amplification of an already existing production-and living space in Vienna.
    A terraced landscape that includes different uses, lounge areas and meeting points for the visitors was realised. 10/17


    an interactive exposition about the power grid

    For the Technical Museum Vienna we have been redesigned the permanent exhibition “On-Off-the interactive exposition about the power grid”. Different islands are the basic idea of the exposition concept. These islands represent different ways to generate energy and point out the relationship with the environment and society.The exhibition design will be presenting from 09.November 2017 in the Technical Museum. 12/17

    Advent Window

    We live in a time when suddenly saving a life, helping those in need are questionable actions. The lifebelt stands for help, it stands for rescuing those in need, it stands for salvation from death. Helping can’t be criminalised- we shouldn’t even think about it. 18/12

    noble sour store

    We created a new show-and salesroom for the WIENER ESSIG BRAUEREI Gegenbauer (vinegar brewery) in order to exhibit actual products. 10/17

    Anerkennungspreis Silicon Austria Labs

    Wir erreichen einen Anerkennungspreis beim Wettbewerb „SAL Silicon Austria Labs“ für die TU Graz/Infeldgründe. Gemeinsam mit unseren Kollegen Halm-Kaschnig-Wührer Architekten aus Graz haben wir eine Gebäudestruktur geschaffen welche auf Grund seiner Flexibilität eine funktionale Sequenz einer möglichen Anordnung zeigt. 18/07


    With the façade closed we have a regular ornament, with the façade moved, matching ornamental pieces are created.


    Unter dem Motto „die Ähnlichkeit des Gleichen“ wurden 4 Reihenhäuser entwickelt welche sich in ihrem Erscheinungsbild ähneln aber doch variieren. Wie eine kleine Dorfanlage positionieren sich die Neubauten gemeinsam mit einem bestehenden Jugendstilgebäude um einen zentralen Platz.
    Vorgelagerte Gerüste dienen als mögliche temporäre Erweiterungsflächen im Außenraum und markieren die Möglichkeit einer Positionierung.


    The mutually alternating fragmentary mirror surfaces and lighting fixtures form a conglomerate like a jigsaw puzzle of an image and a reflection. Sections of the room are more indicated momentarily than carried through.


    The aim ist o create a hetorogenous building type, that combines working, living and spare time activities under one roof.
    Core target groups are part-time artists- especially concentrating on music and different creative sectors.


    Around a tube-like concrete core as updraft shaft of the so called energy-land-tower developes a 1000 meter high habitable landscape. We move away from the concept of the house- as well as the classical high-rise, which we are used to comprehend as a closed building.
    We don’t stack storey over storey for a building, instead we arrange the ground and the land in the space, thereafter we integrate the buildings, sort of a high-rise-land.


    Different visions of cable cars – the possibility of cable cars can be in the resolution of the beginning and the end. The location of the cabel cars is not only an functional transport Cage with more or less view but it is an possibility of stay in the landscape.


    The book ZEIT PUNKT RAUM of heri&salli was published in 2015 in german/english with color illustrations Hardcover, 176 pages, size: 21 x 28 in art&print in the series “confusibombus”, 2015
    ISBN 978-3 -9503475-8-6


    We created an artificial landscape broken up into fragments for a courtyard of a private builder. The perception is centra l…..the function is casual …..architecture is experience.


    Shaped tubes are arranged into the space, to serve in the end the surface, the surface of action. A boardroomtable for the facade design enterprise FOB.


    Wir freuen uns über die Anerkennung beim OUTSTAND ARTIST AWARD für Experimentelles Design – ausgelobt vom Bundeskanzleramt Österreich. Im Rahmen der Eröffnung der VIENNA DESIGN WEEK wurde der Preis durch Bundesminister Thomas Drozda übergeben. Wir haben die Anerkennung für die Gestaltung des WIENER GÄSTE ZIMMERS in der Essigbrauerei Gegenbauer erhalten. 10/2016


    In the most simple of cases you could regard a staircase as a connecting element between two different levels with the necessary fall protection. But from a different point of view you can regard parts of architecture in a way that the thoughts go beyond the material and function and thus tell the story of a spatial structure.


    In our completion entry for the EXPO 2017 in Astana visitors should try to balance in a playful manner a moving rocker.
    People should get aware that they are decisively involved in the conservation as well as in the consumption of the energy-balance. –WE ARE ENERGY! -/ Competition 2. Price


    We developed for a winery in a tipical closed village stucture in Burgenland a complex of buildings that unite wine production, marketing, living and gastronomy, all this around a surface.


    Matthias Boeckl published an articel about heri&salli with the titel „Architektur ist eine räumliche Landschaft der Möglichkeiten“ in the art magazin PARNASS 04/2015


    On 20. Feb 2016 Iris Meder published an article about hotel- and guestrooms in the newspaper “Die Presse-Beilage Spectrum / architecture & design”. Also with a mention about the VIENNA GUEST ROOM.


    Für einen geförderten Wohnbau wurden 2 angrenzende Gründerzeitbebauungen über Eck geschlossen. 32 Wohnungen schichten sich übereinander und ordnen sich im Dachbereich terrassenartig übereinander.


    Laura Hannappel published an article about our Office building _ OFFICE OFF – with the titel „(H)AUS GEZEICHNET „ 12/2014


    For the project OfficeOFF we received together with our client FOB face of buildings the Austrian Clients Award 2014. 11/2014


    We and the architectural studio miss_vdr architektur /Vienna conceived an exhibition design for the exhibition “Building Culture-think your city different” in the planning workshop in Vienna. By means of simply piled up square timbers a kind of “shelf-system” was created. On the one hand it functions as storage area on the other hand it can be used as interactive space.


    A steel construction combined with a Plexiglas shell that dissolves into fragmentary lines was placed in an airspace surrounded by a gallery.

    real landscape – real mistake

    The zebra as individual rhythm, markings of the slow at locations of the fast appear as link of distinctive appearances, objects and locations in a familiar moving space.

    Architektur im Schlaf

    On 7the of march 2015, it was the opening event of the architecture exhibition –ARCHITEKTUR IM SCHLAF in kunstraumarcade/Mödling. Central element of the exhibition or installation is the “sleeping place” – the bed.

    house place

    Geometrical existing ways leading through the garden and extended in their function of ways – understood as linear surfaces of spatial possibilities – detaching, consolidating themselves, forming spatial compressions, into the earth disappearing or to the sky striving.

    FLEDERHAUS at the urban lakeside

    After its first realization in the square of vienna’s museumsquartier in 2011, the ‘flederhaus’ has been rebuilt in the Vienna urban lakeside, a developing district in the outskirts of the city.


    heri&salli will participate at the 14th Architectural Biennale in Venice (7 June until 22 November 2014). At the Palazzo Bembo/Collateral Events they will present there project IMAGINATION CITY. The exhibition is organized by the Global Art Affairs Foundation.


    The imagination of a city assumes that the specific city undergoes for itself a certain abstraction. The single house is an image of an architectonical story that manifests itself differently.


    2005 an interview with heri&salli was published in GAT. 9 years later Kate Howlett-Jones visited us in our studio in Vienna. What happened in the last 9 years? – she asked. Read the interview in the GAT.


    The object was to create a homogenous appearance, to reinforce and underline the presence of the existing cube and at the same time conserve functions like the view to the outside through the façade.

    spatial balance

    We saw the corridor dedicated to link following rooms, or two big rooms, as a thought, in reference to the balance of Justizia, as a spatial beam.

    one : one

    Information is the centre of these performances changing it permanently and at the same time being the crucial point of it. This information stands for the reason of the first action is the spatial copy.

    pilot housing gleisdorf

    Based on this facts the project implies a horizontal and vertical loose aggregation of single parts-living units, divided by free space and green space, that extend like the cubature, gaining height.

    the order implant

    Architecture is order, and architecture cancels this order. The human being becomes part of a static staggering space. After this, he has his Wiener Melange in the Café Cult, pleased about being upright part of a spiral.


    Wir bilden mit dem „Raumverschlag“ einen erlebbaren Übergang des öffentlichen Raums in die Ausstellung. Ein Holzverschlag definiert auf temporäre Art und Weise die Inbesitznahme von Raum – den Abschluss einer Schwelle oder eines Übergangs. In Verbindung mit einem Gebäude, welches aus kultureller und funktionaler Sicht mehr oder weniger durchlässige Grenzen zur Umwelt bildet, ist der Holzverschlag eine offensichtliche Trennung von möglichen Raumausdehungen.

    Office Tableau

    Architecture is a spatial landscape of possibilities. In this sense, the building is the landscape, the landscape the building, and the building the site.


    Nomansland is something like a dream, that holds us fast …but we are always in condition of movement.


    The point of departure for our reflections was the architectural position of the seven different participants, who should present themselves individually and yet within a higher unity. We therefore wanted to work with the the term and idea of “unity” – both in its appearance and in a certain originality as a metaphor in order to understand the different positions.

    Visible Invisible

    Architecture is telling us a story. A story about time and a story about the beginning of time. About its origin and its necessity and about its restraints.

    MQ2020 – die Geschichte einer Ausdehnung

    Ein erweiterter Horizont – Bewegungsmechanismen werden zur räumlichen Notwendigkeit

    Ausstellungsgestaltung Mexiko

    Ausgangspunkt der Ausstellungsgestaltung sind bestehende Kuben aus Kunststoff, welche von Seiten der Initiatoren als Präsentationskubus für einzelne Architekturgruppen zur Verfügung gestellt werden.


    Exit City is a mental project located in the interspace between urban regions and grown nature which enters into the question in what extent nature becomes artificial and can be seen as an artificial creation. This is inevitably the case as soon as man intervenes in the landscape.

    Recreation modules on the Lake Baikal

    The task was to create single living units on the Lake Baikal, the single-room units measuring from 25 to 40 m². The units should be arranged in order to form an agglomeration, similar to the structure of a small village.


    Generally our doors lead us through rooms and impose certain paths on us- the destination beeing mostly concrete. In a certain sense they act like a medium for spatial linearity.

    City Scape

    salzburg as a city of touristic mechanisms of motion and design … the city as a touristic conglomeration is the supporting programme of an architectural statement – architecture becomes an artificial landscape here – the city becomes a pure surface

    LA after death

    Each human being has its own ideas of how the nearer as well as the farther space surrounding it might look and be shaped-if not in real life, at least in its dreams, thoughts and tales. It’s these dreams, thoughts and tales of persons-Los Angeles.

    Bühnen zum Hinterland

    An der Kreuzung Währingerstrasse – Westgürtel (Wien) mit der kulturellen Institution der Volksoper bilden wir mittels räumlichen Eingriffen eine erfahrbare Aufwertung des öffentlichen Raums. Bestehende Faktoren werden aufgegriffen und über ihr pures vorhanden sein hinaus thematisiert und formuliert.

    window to the back country

    The “window to the hinterland” is an extension of the Grundsteingasse, it can be seen from far away and therefore it can be interpreted as an element of attraction and indication. A kind of vertical field that gives added value to local-nearer or further-perception and experience.

    20 Jahre Schirn

    Wir denken uns 20 Jahre in den Köpfen, in den Büchern. In gewisser Weise also in einer Art Virtualität, vielleicht in Bildern, die einen Teil der Geschichte des Hauses, der Kunsthalle Schirn, ausmachen.


    Eine Brache verstehen wir als wichtige Qualität von einer Stadt. Wir gehen davon aus, dass sie überall vorhanden ist und nur richtig aufgespürt und herauspräpariert werden muss. Dabei geht es explizit nicht darum neue Expansionsflächen zu deklarieren, sondern darum Freiräume für alternative gesellschaftliche Entwicklungen zu eröffnen.

    veiled rooms

    “veiled rooms – museum in motion” is a temporary suggestion for an installation at the House of Artists in Vienna at the Karls Place. The topic of a museum in the public area is on the one hand a crossover of social and cultural currents, on the other hand representative outline of artistic developments in the past and of the presence.


    There is a shyness of entering empty places which do not offer cover. The city as such has no horizon but it is always about to create one thus, the city is steadily producing it and the horizon is becoming cover.

    The stake

    The stake as a “relative quantity” composed of more or less logs , can be seen as a literal, intellectual and objective synonym for the until-now-examination. the stake has no other task than protecting itself – it only stands for itself as the stake.


    Der Tisch als zentrales Element eines Innenraumes – dieses Element als Verbindung zwischen den beiden Bezirken wird zum temporären und veränderbaren Inventar des öffentlichen Raumes.

    Transposition Salzburg

    The installation transposition salzburg was an attempt to oppose to the emptiness of rooms. The installation’s intention was to detect human patterns of behaviour and to irritate them with the installation.