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    Visible Invisible

    0510_Talking Cities_schaubild

    There is a town  ….a factory, …..a house, …..a body – and always to every visible body there is a body we cannot see. That means architecture always consists of one element we can see and another element that we cannot see. The final result is a balance of these material and mental elements. Both elements can´t be seen seperated from each other, they are two elements forming one single element … we have to see them as a unit-otherwise it would be impossible to understand the visible architecture. So architecture is telling us a story. A story about time and a story about the beginning of time…..about its origin and its necessity…..and about its restraints.

    0510_Talking Cities_zollverein04

    It’s time that transforms one body into another.  From the material to the world of thoughts and vice versa…..from the world of thoughts  and concepts ….to the material ….to the obvious. It could be a discrepency of the visible inaudible …..or of the visible audible.

    0510_Talking Cities_sk_fragmente02

    Finally it’s not about a  duplication or a multiplication…., but about a trace which has been left ….a disappearing room– also because finally we enter a room …..a body ….a body that is more like a negative trace of a not present volume. The volume we cannot see. So all it leaves behind is a trace …….a possible borderline, or a possible frame of an eventual presence -a presence that is not punctual or static…….but the testimony of a movement that has been present in this case.

    0510_Talking Cities_sk_fragmente03

    From the material point of view our installation consists of fragmentary lines, that develop departing from different bodies and architectural elements present in the building, and by that become a more or less closed or open accedssible spatial structure. We are in the interspace between different voluminous traces. On one side in relation to the absolute visible volume, on the other side to a paraphrased non-materiality- the second body, which probably won’t be reached by us entirely. It is this body that gives us the possibility of a story.

    0510_Talking Cities_schaubild02

    images: © heri&salli

    project study: 2005