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    noble sour store

    The starting point for the design was the idea of a shelve that fills the entire room. With the help of a framework the object is to understand the shelve not only as a 2-dimensional presentation layer but also as a construction which includes working places, wardrobes, cash-desk area or information niches.

    The added value is part of the integrated opportunities.Foldable levels offer the possibility to enlarge the space.

    Detached from a material terminology the project becomes a search for places and relations in a coordinate system.

    The framework in this context is a symbiosis between space and possibility, a structure of possible spatial manifestations. The workplace is part of a superior idea of space in which we enter coincidentally- surrounded by references and visual relations to the products.

    images:                                     © Hans Schubert

    sketches/drawings:           © heri&salli

    architecture /design: heri&salli

    team: Kiera Hintze, Vincent Wörndl, David Florez

    client: Erwin Gegenbauer

    start of construction: Jänner 2016

    finished: Sommer 2017