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    LA after death

    0912_LA after Death_final03

    Each human being has its own ideas of how the nearer as well as the farther space surrounding it might look and be shaped-if not in real life, at least in its dreams, thoughts and tales. It’s these dreams, thoughts and tales of persons-Los Angeles from “hearsay” , that represent the very base of our actions- as architects we are naturally also free to interprete.


    What interests us most will be the greatest extremes-the rich and famous, the poorest and the forgotten.
    In the same way as their worlds collide in real life, their versions of the future will differ. It could be a challenge for architecture to unite these opposites using minimal starting points and create thus a picture of possibly developing social and spacial structures.

    0912_LA after Death_final02

    On the basis of interviews with different persons-rich and poor ones- we will collect stories of possible future worlds. By means of these we try to create architectural pictures and visions, unite them and relate them. Always looking on ideals, until they disappear. We get there as visitors and flaneurs, and we let choosen authors tell their stories. Stories, scripts and pictures are first of all thought-structures, that ought to disconnect from the usual known material and subjective surroundings-that’s why we call it “after death”.

    0912_LA after Death_final03

    images: © heri&salli

    architecture: heri&salli
    team: Lukas Allner

    competition for the MAK stipendium