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    (c)2015 ZOOMVP_S Immo Kulturquartier_c03_h&s_1200

    As part of a competition the architectural studio heri&salli designed together with S IMMO AG as investor and KMG Kultur und Medien GmbH the cultural quarter at the park, abbr. KaP.

    150903_Kulturquartier_LAGEPLAN axo_h&s_1200

    The aim ist o create a hetorogenous building type, that combines working, living and spare time activities under one roof. Core target groups are part-time artists- especially concentrating on music and different creative sectors.

    150903_Kulturquartier_Modell 1-2_h&s_1200

    The concept of different tenants, operators and inhabitants, but also external users should be reflected in the building. A heterogenous user environment reflects in a heterogenous building environment. Different user demands require different structural measures, as demonstrated by the facadedesign. Added values are shifted by different designs.

    (c)2015 ZOOMVP_S Immo Kulturquartier_c04_h&s_1200

    (c)2015 ZOOMVP_S Immo Kulturquartier_c07_h&s_1200

    Regarding functionality the building is divided in 4 main areas, that are directly entwined horizontally and vertically.

    The gastronomic area including the event sector on the ground floor is interlinked with the rehearsal rooms and creative- and movement spaces on the second floor and in the basement, implying significantly the passage to the public as consumption-free zone.

    (c)2015 ZOOMVP_S Immo Kulturquartier_c06_h&s_1200

    Seating tiers like in an arena leading from the park to the ground floor and the landscape of steps to the upper floor define the passage into the building or to the park and conduct to the micro-living areas above, residential units of 25-40m2 can be used in the short as well as in the long term.

    150903_Kulturquartier_perspektivischer schnitt_h&s_1200


    section / elevation



    The building functions as flexible container with different interlinking areas of action, function and staying.

    (c)2015 ZOOMVP_S Immo Kulturquartier_c02_h&s_1200

    renderings: © zoomvp

    architecture/design: heri&salli; team/heri&salli: Rumena Trendafilova, Kristyna Sevcikova, Mira Loncar; date: september 2015;

    application team: S IMMO AG, KMG Kultur und Medien AG, heri&salli / Partner: ÖSW, Beatboxx, CP Gastro, Vatter & Partner ZT GmbH, Weidlfein