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    heri&salli has been contracted by the Technical Museum Vienna to redesign an accessible room that can be sensually experienced on the issue of heating and air conditioning systems as part of the exposition “ON/OFF-the interactive exposition about the power grid”. In summer this room is cooled down by 5 degrees and in winter warmed up by 5 degrees.

    Based on a classic air conditioner inside a building the idea was to see the room as a whole climate chamber that offers more than simple climate regulation. Indicating the various processes is an essential component and content of the general impression.


    The physical and scenographic presentation should be apparent to the visitors. Cables and outlets, in contrast to conventional air conditioners are understood as part of a comprehensive process. The room is seen as a perceivable interface between the exterior and the interior space.

    The climate is not any longer an abstract side effect in our lives- the climate is our tangible environment. Today we have the tools to take influence. We want to make this fact visible.

    images: © Hans Schubert

    Sketches / Drawings: © heri&salli

    Text: © heri&salli


    Architecture/Concept/Design: heri&salli

    Team: Loris Luigi Perillo, Rumena Trendafilova, Christoph Lammers, David Florez

    Start of construction: august 2017

    Finished: november 2017

    builder: StahlundForm / Wien

    client: TMW – Technisches Museum Wien