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    window to the back country

    Fenster zum Hinterland

    We start from a kind of vertical field that gives added value to local-nearer or further-perception and experience. On the one hand it’s an element that creates a space, an ornamental “giant hedge”-9x9m-(which could be put together both vertically and horizontally, until infinity) that creates on the passage of the space in front of it and behind it its own space.


    On the other hand this vertical green „field“ is seen as a kind of giant window where you can see through as well as pass through the surrounding area-in this case the surroundings are called hinterland.


    Practically this “window to the hinterland” is an extension of the Grundsteingasse, it can be seen from far away and therefore it can be interpreted as an element of attraction…an indication…a door…a window…a passage. Starting from the Grundsteingasse to the Gürtel it`s a vivid mile and vice versa from the Gürtel to the 16. District that’s also a very vivid area with the Brunnengasse as an almost central distributer….according to this we define with the “window to the hinterland” a visual reference.

    091211_gr 100.ai

    1004_Fenster zum Hinterland_Schaubild01

    images: © heri&salli

    architecture: heri&salli
    team: Stefanie Theuretzbacher

    project study: 2011
    Client: City of Vienna