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    City Scape

    0003 City scape_bild161

    city_scape is supposed to be an intrinsic and imaginary system. Salzburg’s residenzplatz becomes the potential site of a material print for a period of three months (june to september 2002) – the human being is the cause for the appearance – the human being makes up the mechanism for structuring a potential surface.

    0003 City scape_bild200

    In this sense city_scape is a kind of active stage whose architectural image changes again and again due to motions and requests. This is opposed by the passivity of simple existence.

    0003 City scape_ skizze 02

    0003 City scape_bild15

    0003 City scape_bild16

    This landscape – a plateau of 5000m² lifted two metres above the city’s natural level – should be seen as a “reflection of inventory” – architecture as a kind of storehouse for possible motions and other changes. The city creates the landscape as a self-reproducing artificial element – in relation to society and itself.

    0003 City scape_perspektive03


    0003 City scape_eindhoven06

    0003 City scape_theorie

    0003 City scape_perspektive02

    images: © heri&salli
    architecture: heri&salli

    project study: 2000-2001