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    Turn On

    Wir freuen uns in diesem Jahr auch beim Turn On Festival vortragen zu dürfen. Gemeinsam mit dem Vorstand des ÖSW Michael Pech werden wir am Freitag, 8.3.2019 um 11:15 über die Music Box, ein Quartiershaus im Sonnwendviertel Ost in der Nähe des Wiener Hauptbahnhofs berichten. 19/03

    City of Vienna Prize for Architecture 2018

    On Wednesday, November 21st, 2018, we will be awarded the City of Vienna Prize for Architecture 2018. This award is the highest distinction in the field of architecture in Vienna!

    Pecha Kucha Night Vienna

    20 images à 20 seconds- 15.11.2017 at 20:20 @Kaiserloft …. with an excerpt from the diary of the strokes from heri&salli 11/17

    world architectural festival

    We are chosen for exhibition Drawing Prize awards and our handdrawings will be displayed digitally on the Drawing Prize stand at the World Architecture Festival, which takes place in Berlin from 15 to 17 November.

    Artifacts of designing

    We are attending the 4th FORUM ARCHITECT SCIENCE MEETING from 16 to 18 November 2017 at TU Berlin. We will present our meaning on this topic and the artifacts will be presented in the Museum of Architecture at the TU Berlin. 10/17

    AIT Award

    With the project VIENNA GUEST ROOM we are nominated for the AIT Award. The Award ceremony will take place on Wednesday, 16. March in Frankfurt.


    The exhibition ARCHITECTURE OF SLEEPING at the Initiative Architektur/Salzburg is running form 2. March till 22. April. heri&salli are doing a speech on Thursday, 7. April, 7:00 pm.


    The book ZEIT PUNKT RAUM of heri&salli was published in 2015 in german/english with color illustrations Hardcover, 176 pages, size: 21 x 28 in art&print in the series “confusibombus”, 2015
    ISBN 978-3 -9503475-8-6

    Architektur im Schlaf

    On 9the of october 2015, it was the opening event of the architecture exhibition –ARCHITEKTUR IM SCHLAF in the Aedes gallery in Berlin. heri&salli 07/2015


    Wir freuen uns über die Anerkennung beim OUTSTAND ARTIST AWARD für Experimentelles Design – ausgelobt vom Bundeskanzleramt Österreich. Im Rahmen der Eröffnung der VIENNA DESIGN WEEK wurde der Preis durch Bundesminister Thomas Drozda übergeben. Wir haben die Anerkennung für die Gestaltung des WIENER GÄSTE ZIMMERS in der Essigbrauerei Gegenbauer erhalten. 10/2016


    In the context of the Grazer Architecture summer we will show our exhibition – Architektur im Schlaf- in the House of the architecture Graz. heri&salli 07/2015

    Wiener Geschichte(n)

    Together with Stefan Ellmer and Johannes Lang, we will work from Friday from 25.09. 2015 til sunday, 4.10.2015 in the laboratory of the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK under the topic of Viennese stories with pieces of favorite destrict. heri&salli 07/2015

    Architektur um Schlaf

    On 22the of september 2015, it will be the opening event of the architecture exhibition –ARCHITEKTUR IM SCHLAF in architekturforum Oberösterreich in Linz. heri&salli 06/2015

    Staatspreis Design 2015

    We are very pleased to write that our project VIENNESE GUEST ROOMS has been selected for the shortlist of the Austrian State Prize of design 2015. On 23.September 2015 at a ceremony in the Arena21 in the MuseumsQuartier in Vienna will be announced the award winners and nominees for the Design Prize 2015 – invitation will follow. heri&salli 07/2015

    Form & Structure

    On 06.05.2015, 19:00 we will give al lecture about Form & Structure at the “Technische Hochschule Nürnberg” – organized by “Fachschaft Architektur”. 04/2015  


    Matthias Boeckl published an articel about heri&salli with the titel „Architektur ist eine räumliche Landschaft der Möglichkeiten“ in the art magazin PARNASS 04/2015


    The ./studio3 Institut für experimentelle Architektur Universität Innsbruck invitied us on March 24th for a lecture and discussion panel with the topic 15 YEARS TANGIBLE UTOPIAS GESTALT VS DESIGN


    On 20. Feb 2016 Iris Meder published an article about hotel- and guestrooms in the newspaper “Die Presse-Beilage Spectrum / architecture & design”. Also with a mention about the VIENNA GUEST ROOM.

    Architektur im Schlaf

    Invitation to the exhibition opening ARCHITEKTUR IM SCHLAF
    Saturday, 7. March, 2015, 18 pm
    2340 Mödling, Hauptstrasse 79 (Beethoven)
    opening hours: FR 15-18, Sa 10-15
    introduction Theresa Hauenfels – a cultural scientist
    Ausstellungsende: 11. April 2015


    Laura Hannappel published an article about our Office building _ OFFICE OFF – with the titel „(H)AUS GEZEICHNET „ 12/2014


    On Saturday, 15. November 2014 Wojciech Czaja published an article about the Austiran Clients Award 2014 in the newspaper “Der STANDARD-Immobilien. 11/2014


    For the project OfficeOFF we received together with our client FOB face of buildings the Austrian Clients Award 2014. 11/2014


    We are invitied for a lecture on saturday, 04.10.2014 at 4pm at the mies festival 2014 in aspern seestadt next to our Flederhaus 10/2014

    architectural award of burgenland 2014 /austria

    We are pleased that our office building OFFICE OFF got the architectural award of burgenland 2014 /austria. 07/2014

    architectuul online festival

    We will invited with our project EXIT CITY at the online-architectural festival with the topic „future proof“.
    Wonderland Architecture curate the austrian entries for the architecture festival. The choosen teams will be published on www.architectuul.com 06/2014


    We are nominated for the “outstanding artist award – experimental trends in architecture 2014” with the project IMAGINATION CITY. The award ceremony of the winning projects and the three special prizes will be go on 15.10.2014 at 7 pm, Architekturzentrum Wien, Museumsplatz 1, 1070 Vienna 10/2014

    FLEDERHAUS at the urban lakeside

    After its first realization in the square of vienna’s museumsquartier in 2011, the ‘flederhaus’ has been rebuilt in the Vienna urban lakeside, a developing district in the outskirts of the city.


    heri&salli will participate at the 14th Architectural Biennale in Venice (7 June until 22 November 2014). At the Palazzo Bembo/Collateral Events they will present there project IMAGINATION CITY. The exhibition is organized by the Global Art Affairs Foundation.


    2005 an interview with heri&salli was published in GAT. 9 years later Kate Howlett-Jones visited us in our studio in Vienna. What happened in the last 9 years? – she asked. Read the interview in the GAT.

    Timber in the City

    We are happy to announce that we are invited to the conference TIMBER IN THE CITY on 10.10.2014 in Ljubljana/Slowenien. We will also present our project Flederhaus in Ljubljana. We will have a lecture in Ljubljana were we will speak about TIMBER IN THE CITY 10/2014

    CANactions 2014

    From the 15th-17th May 2014 there will be the International Architectural Festival CANactions 2014 in Kiev. heri&salli will be part of the exhibition an hold a lecture.

    more information:

    Lernen vom Raster

    The Book “Lernen vom Raster – Strasshof an der Nordbahn und seine verborgenen Pläne” was edited by Judith Eiblmayr. heri&salli did the architectural vision IMAGINATION CITY in it.
    Published in NWV – Neuer Wissenschaftlicher Verlag Architektur.
    Texts by:
    Erich Bernard, Günter Dinhobl, Judith Eiblmayr, Caroline Jäger-Klein, Franziska Leeb, Johanna Rainer, Manfred Russo and images by Philipp Balga

    der architekt

    For the Magazine “der architekt / 4 /pathos des gestischen” of the BDA Univ.Prof. Dr. Karin Wilhelm interviewed heri&salli in their studio in Vienna. The result is the interview “Verbindung aufnehmen”

    also see publications

    Opening East-Centric Architectural Triennale Bucharest

    On 12th Okt 2013 is the Opening of the East-Centric Architectural Triennale in Bucharest. Together with Love architecture and Franz architects we will be there.

    The Book of Drawings + Sketches Architecture

    The Book of Drawings+Sketches Architecture,also with a publication of heri&salli shows handdrawings of architects -sometines the first idea.
    Edited by Chris van Uffelen at Braun Publishing.
    Publications also of Ateliers Bow-Wow, UNStudio, Daniel Libeskind, Altelier van Lieshout, Coop Himmelblau ….and many more.


    The catalog of the East-Centric Architectural Triennale in Bucharest has been published – has been done fine.

    wonderland workshop Felberstrasse

    The workshop took place in Vienna within the Wonderlab festival in the AZW from 7th to 15th August 2013 in collaboration with ÖBB and MA21.
    The workshop was attended by
    Heribert Wolfmayr and Josef Saller, heri & salli (AT)
    Guillaume Margot-Duclot, Margot-Duclot architectes associes (FR)
    Andres Llopis Perez Mestre Arroser Del Pinos, Fleiva, Grupo Aranea (ES)
    Jason Hilgefort, Land+Civilization Compositions (NL)
    Vitaliy Avdyeyev and Anastasiya Ponomaryova (UA)

    Mies Festival

    After the “Flederhaus” has been moved from the Museumsquarter Vienna to the “Seestadt Aspern”, it`s used also as an infopoint of the new cityarea. For the second time Mies.magazine organized the Mies.Festival at the Flederhaus – with lectures and party – great!

    Bookpresentation “Lernen vom Raster”

    Bookpresentation “Lernen vom Raster – Strasshof an der Nordbahn und seine verborgenen Pläne”, edited by Judith Eiblmayr, with an architectural vision by heri&salli.
    Strasshof, Möbel Doschek, Do. 03. Okt., 19:30

    lecture Stuttgart

    On the 9th. of Jan 2013, 19:30 there will be a lecture by heri&salli at the University of Stuttgart at the “Schwarzbrotreihe”

    Atlas of world architecture

    heri&salli are part in Atlas of World Architecture, published by Braun Publishing AG, with the projects Flederhaus and land scape fence.

    also see publications …..

    Creating Shade

    heri&salli are part in the book “Creating Shade – Design, Construction, Technology” edited by Chris van Uffelen and published by Braun Publishing AG, with the projects Flederhaus, land scape fence and Hausplatz.

    also see publicatons …..

    A&B magazine

    The project “Flederhaus” is published in the brasilian magazine A&B – remembering the Biennale in Sao Paulo in 2011.

    also see publications ……

    haus und wellness

    The project “land scape fence” has being published in the magazine Haus und Wellness.

    also see publications …..

    Invitation Bookpresentation

    On 3. Oct 2013, 19:30 the Book “Lernen vom Raster – Strasshof an der Nordbahn und seine verborgenen Pläne”, edited by Judith Eiblmayr will be presented in Strasshof.

    Die Presse / Spectrum

    On 7. April 2013 Judith Eiblmayr published an article about the project “land scape fence” in the newspaper “Die Presse-Beilage Spectrum / architecture & design, 7. April 2012”.

    also see publications …..

    East Centric Architecture Triennale

    heri&salli are invited to the East-Centric Architectural Triennale in Bucharest to take part in the exhibition and give a lecture.

    architektur aktuell

    The project Bodypuzzle was published by Claudia Rinne in the magazine “Architektur Aktuell” – also shown on the cover – fine!

    also see publications …..


    The project “land scape fence” is being published in the netherlands magazine A10 #51.

    also see publications …..


    “Possibilities of Spaces” is the title of an extensive publication about projects of heri&salli in the chinese magazine INGENUITY.
    Further publications:
    Studio Floris Wubben, With Bulb/Kyoui Design und Natasha Jen

    also see publications …..


    heri&salli are part in the book Wall Elements Art Wall, published in China, with the project land scape fence.

    also see publications ….

    Creative Diagram

    In China there has been published the book Creative Diagramm in Landscape&Planning with the projects “Flederhaus” and landscape fence by heri&salli

    also see publicatons …..


    The project land scape fence has been published in the chinese magazine DI

    also see publications …..

    lecture MUSA

    SPACE AFFAIRS – exhibition curated by Prof. Marc Mer at the MUSA/Vienna. Together with Prof. Günther Zamp Kelp and Ernst Fuchs/the next enterprise, heri6salli were invited to hold a lecture followed by a panel discussion.


    The project landscape fence is described in the magazine Casamia by Christiane Nönnig beschrieben – the perfect wave. Not at least because of the good Images of Paul Ott also on the cover.

    also see publications …..


    landscape fence has been published in the FRAME magazine.

    also see publications …..


    Once more the project landscape fence appears on the cover – this time its DETAILS. A magazine published in Korea/Seoul – with images by Paul Ott.

    also see publications ……

    Arquitectura Viva

    The project Flederhaus is published in the spanisch magazine Arquitectura Viva.

    also see publications …..

    HINGE Honkong

    The magazine HINGE from Hongkong wird is aware of the Flederhaus and published it – together with other wood construction all over the world. We are surprised that there is so much interest in the Flederhaus – it`s so simple.

    also see publications …..

    der standard

    Wojciech Czaja writes on 11. Dec. 2012 about the project landscape fence in the newspaper “Der Standard” – “Ein Flachland in 3-D / Das Wiener Büro heri&salli interpretiert Architektur als gebaute Landschaft”.

    also see publications ……


    landscape fence has been published in the MARK magazine.

    also see publications …..


    For the article “Gespräch” in the magazine “Architektur&Bauforum” Michael Koller asked her&salli how it was in the first days – looking for a name and doing interventions. And what chanced in the last years.


    The project Flederhaus has been published in the Korean magazine SPACE.

    also see publications …..

    arhitekton Flederhaus

    The project Flederhaus in front of the Museumsquarter Vienna has been published in the serbian magazine arhitektion.

    also see publications …..

    VISION Lifestyle

    Surrounded by cool fashion the projects “Flederhaus” and “Fenster zum Hinterland” are published in the chinese Lifestyle magazine VISION.

    also see publications …..

    der traunsee

    The project landscape fence has been published in the book “Der Traunsee – Mythos der Sommerfrische”. As one of the few examples of contemporary architecture in this region.

    also see publications …..


    The project “Flederhaus” is shown in the book “Going Public”, published by “gestalten”.

    also see publications …..

    The Sky´s the Limit

    The project “Hausplatz”is shown in the book “The Sky`s the Limit”, published by “gestalten”.

    also see publications …..

    Paul Ott

    Paul Ott gives an overview of his work in recent years on the basis of a book published by Springer Verlag. We are happy to be part of the book sitz our project “Hausplatz”.

    also see publications …..

    (Deutsch ) 1000x european architektur

    The project “Hausplatz” is shown in the book “1000 x European Architecture”, published by Braun.

    also see publications ….